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Accurate History of Women's Resiliency and Spirituality 2 Feb 2007

by William Sauer

This book should be mandatory reading for all who are interested in the
struggles women have had to endure just to be recognized for their
achievements. The book is written, so it is easy to read. I could not put it
down, when I opened it. I give it 6 stars!

[ Reply ] Fantastic Book 24 Jan 2007 (updated 31 Jan 2007)

by Sossity Andrews

Ms. Rasa Von Werder has an excellent vision, where women can blossom to be
the true creators they are and men can be their loving companions, in a
world free of violence, haters, and sexual hangups. I give this book the
full five stars! Sossity

[ Reply ] Rasa Von Werder is a Prophet! 24 Jan 2007

by Suzy Q

All her visions become a reality. Rasa has lived an incredible life and is
growing stronger by the minute. I believe that MotherGod/The Great Goddess
(or whatever name you wish to call Her by) exists because Rasa exists. This
book is worth reading. Listen and learn from Rasa. Our future depends on it.

[ Reply ] Not Over Until the Fat Lady Sings 8 Jan 2007 (updated 8 Jan

by sbob2

Not Over Until the Fat Lady Sings....

This is an extremely hard hitting, well put-together work that advances the
theme that Women will/must come to Rule the Earth. All must make this
adjustment in order to prevent the demonic males from destroying everything
as they are hell-bent on doing--now with nuclear weapons.

Thus, the male will be seen as inferior to the Female and must become
subservient to Her. These trends are already well in place as more and more
Women go to college and replace males everywhere as: Doctors, TV Announcers,
lawyers, and certainly as Managers given the power to hire and fire
throughout the company.

Thus males may mostly come to carry out menial and subservient tasks: Doing
what housework they can learn, running errands, cleaning up the backyard,
helping the wife, bathing the dog, etc. Even so, they could be troublesome,
they may require police supervision. Of course, control is necessary as
males are taught surrender.

Chapter 6 is particularly chilling as sperm counts diminish, which they are
doing, and males become unemployable, as the Y chromosome deteriorates,
males might come be thought of as simply a troublesome, genetic disorder
interfering with peace and harmony on the Earth.

Thus, this work should/must encourage males to become less selfish, demonic,
and power-mad--instead their thinking should become Matriarchal based,
placing the Woman first. They must learn to Respect, Serve and Obey Her.

This is very important, spiritually-based reading!

(updated 7 Jan 2007)

This book is about the power of WOMAN who is SUPERIOR to the male in all
ways and when she FIGHTS against him she WINS. Women are now gaining
ascendancy in all areas and this reviews the past and present, the old-time
women warriors and bandits and this very day, fighting against polygamy,
establishment of female bodybuilding, ancient, recent and present FIGHTING
AMAZONS. Women are shown in their ferocity and stubborn skill of standing up
to males, while men are falling apart. Amazing accounts are the flame wars
where many men and even women attacked Rasa with furor and she brought them
to their knees by the power of God. There is the account of Kellie Everts
who went above the heads of the male bodybuilding world, to the mainstream
media, to establish Female Bodybuilding. There was Phoolan Devi, the Hindu
untouchable who killed men, became a member of India's Parliament, and had a
movie done of her life before being assassinated. Thomas Andrews has 6 other
articles about WOMEN BANDITS. William Bond explains the hypocrisy of those
who criticized the STRIPPER FOR GOD, Rasa and Bond speak of how women were
PRISONERS of Patriarchy, and Rasa speaks of the difference between the
SPIRIT of Matriarchy and Patriarchy, Matriarchy being LIFE and Patriarchy
being the CULTURE OF DEATH...Genetic explorers Dr. Bryan Sykes and Dr. Steve
Jones spark controversies like 'Do We Need Men?' 'A Future Without Men' 'Are
Males a Genetic Disorder?' 'What Makes Men Inferior?' and Rasa is amazed at
the prediction that men are going infertile and will soon be EXTINCT. Get
ready for A WORLD OF WOMEN!..Beata Murrell addresses a female 'feminist' who
does not believe in woman power, and trounces her, Rasa explains how to
INFINITY and part HUMANITY, she teaches how to worship Her SACRED HUMANITY
in the form of the body, intellect and will of a female.

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