Sunday, 22 February 2009



My Shaman’s letter – used by permission

From: Melody Hart

To: Rasa Von Werder

Sent: Tuesday, March 18, 2008 6:42 PM

Subject: Re: How I "access" your "mystical essence"/ "presence.

I am "mystically and shamanically" highly sensitive to the lucid "dreamworld" which humans also call the "spirit world" in other words, the "metaphysical" dimensions in

which there is perpetual "transmission" of "energies, entities and essences" their "formless" simbiosis with all "forms" of Life.

When I "access" your "essence", I access a"whole" gestalt of

"soul entities" that

include the "more than physical" "form" of your whole "being".

At times I "sense" intuit,

perceive your essence as "turbulent", dynamically turbulent like "choppy water"

when the wind sweeps across a calm mirror lake

or a "calm seascape" and

morphs into what mariners call "choppy seas".

In this moment I am sensing that the synergy

I am often sensing in our increasingly more

intimate energy transmissions is

"come closer so I can push you away". There

is a resistance to "allowing" familiar psychic patterns to shift suddenly, though I

do sense an openness to new energies and experimenting with "mystical shamanism"

as I call it, with what the Aboriginal elders call the "dreamtime".

To use the "flashing light" analogy, it is as if since you invited me to, in your words,

"install you in my heart" so that your "anointing" would transfer power to me through "heart chakra telepathy", there is a "flashing RASA light" in my awareness,like an inner "Rasa Chakra"

There is a "remote viewing" of your "light body"/ "energy body" that is now "omnipresent" withIN the "essence" I experience within my awareness.We are "kindred spirits".

I realize that is a rather "fuzzy" , "mystical" description.

Imagine the cool morning mist

rising from our sun warmed "misty" it appears. There are "messages"in the mist, where the Sun warmed Earth meets the cool misty "dew". Mystics

"read" those "messages" in a "mystical" way that the rational, logical, ego-centric

intellect.........does NOT comprehend.

There is NO "religious dogma or doctrine", NO "Thou shalts and shalt NOTS in that

experience, , only a sense of wholeness, allness, oneness, nowness and ISness.

NO "us versus them" "divided and conquered"......split-consciousness in that dimension.

NO "you and me", Melody and Rasa and no "Rasa "versus" Melody

power struggle.

It is infinitely calm, serene, peaceful, compassionate, empathetic, and all inclusive

non-dualistic. With the "two of us" I feel less and less "separation"

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