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Melody Hart, Guru Rasa discuss Issues

5 26 08

Ha ha ha

Yes Mother God is inciting me, She is goading me to move forward. David Icke has never answered any of my letters, I finally gave up. I will channel her on this, She wants me to challenge him and the others who have left women out. It’ll be fun. Others I wrote to also never answered. Fuck them. Benjamin is the only one who has answered, he will not feel the power of my wrath, he has been Anointed like the blood on the lintels during the time of Exodus, but the rest of the guys will feel my raging wrath which is not of destruction but of Enlightenment, but it will feel painful to them and will incite their pride and their resistance, which will mean nothing to me, I am the Power of God. You will see.

I am really glad I got to talk to Benjamin, because he is the only one of them that has humility – The others are good fighters, good workers, but filled with arrogance. I doubt if any of them will change, but Mother God wants me to go out there in order to feed the sheep – the public - they are waiting.

How dare these guys leave us out? They themselves are part of the guilty, but they don’t even see it. They are completely BLIND to the dimension of women, the Feminine Divine, Mother God and Motherhood. They do not acknowledge the part of their own Mothers or their Supremacy – they think because they have male bodies and this world crushes women under its feet, that they also can ignore women. They are wholly demented by Patriarchy themselves and they think THEY CAN BEAT THE ALPHA MALES WHO ARE EVIL WITHOUT GIVING ANY NOTICE TO WOMEN BUT IT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. I will lay out the plan of Mother God from the beginning that is so awesome and so powerful that it will shatter their delusions and their cherished prejudices, just blow it all out of the water

When you collage these guys and me togethre make it as erotic as possible, one of them at my breast, one at my vagina, maybe me sitting on one, that will be fun...I have a new servant today, another biracial one, I saw him on the webcam, he is attractive and not only smart but smart about men and women and how to worship us, he asked what to call me, and I said Goddess, and put him to work immediately on research, he is 43 years old....Rasa

From: Melody Hart

To: Rasa Von Werder

Sent: Monday, May 26, 2008 11:28 AM

Subject: Revelations in my Lucid Dream Shamanism

I am seeing the total invisibility of the three billion women on the planet "in the eyes" of the alpha male intelligentsia and the whole male monotheism matrix that is overshadowing the ancient Mother God/ess Matrix.

In the words of Mary Daly

"Where God is Male, the Male is God".

You see the Male "cast of characters" in our lives and

correspondence is analogous to the Elizabethan Period in

History during the emergence of Shakespearean Theatre.

ALL the roles were played by male actors. All the male and female roles. It was totally "homosexual" theatre. NO real "flesh and blood" women were in the casting of Shakespeare’s Plays.

And thusly "on the world scene" "Today".....

the males are playing all of the most significant roles and

WE are the "audience".

Thus the Male is simultaneous the

God and the anti-God, the Hero and the Villain, the Macho and the Wimp, the Christ And the anti-Christ, the Angelic and the Demonic male archetypes in the Theatre of the Mind.

All of the universal female archetypes are truncated. I am aware that you are aware of this and it bears repeating and collaborative effort in the Alpha Female Sisterhood in the unraveling of the Patriarchal Paradigm in which we are "embedded" in the Space-time continuum.

It is disgraceful the way you who are a brilliant female scholar in your own right are being treated by the males who pride themselves on their "brilliance" and "creative genius".

I feel your inner "seething and smoldering" primal Mother Rage that becomes outrage when you experience the ultimate

misogyny that makes the whole of universal female Being

"rendered" virtually inaudible and invisible in the mass media and the mainstream psyche.

I saw myself creating copywriting script:

Three billion invisible and inaudible "alien" females discovered in a secret space-time capsule. Who are they?

Of course, “they are US”. Yes?

"Where attention goes, energy flows".

As an experienced Dog and Man trainer,

I have discovered that the power of my attention

can change the behavior of all the dogs and men in my energy field.

One day I observed my son's wife teaching my little granddaughters to sing what she perceived to be a Christian chant:

" I just wanna be a sheep, Bah!Bah!Bah!"

It was a "moment of truth" for me.

Jesus the "Good Shepherd", all girls and women the "sheep"

in the "sheepfold" that must have a male "Shepherd"/ Savior/

Godfather to "lead us"........where?

Sheep are led to the sheep "sheering" and to the "slaughter"

and turned into Lamb Chops and Shish kabob and devoured by the carnivorous "Shepherds" who are great at playing the role of "ravenous wolves in sheep's clothing" that Jesus warned us about.

I have been researching Nicolas Tesla who has been called

the Lost Wizard. Many of the males who came to be recognized as the "scientific" geniuses, the young Einstein, the young Tesla all played the Alpha Male game among themselves.

They are analogous to the young males we are now feeling

Erotically attracted to, because WE are the Alpha females,

Equally "brilliant", creative, entrepreneurial, inventive, and

Spiritually enlightened in our own way.

So, why the virtual blackout of female achievements and

contributions to all of creation, all existence?

It is a great enigma.

I am discerning how it "feels" to be in your skin and experience because it "feels" so familiar to how I have always felt in relation to the so-called "opposite sex".

Your tenacity in the struggle is your strength.

The Sunflower Goddess Collage is also one of my favorite

self-images. The Japanese SUN Goddess is Amataratzu and

her myth is symbiotic with every woman's experience in Patriarchy, bouts of deep debilitating morbid depression so deep it is paralyzing, suffocating and feels like a black hole in the space-time continuum.

I tried collaging your facial image and the Sunflower and it

didn't work with the particular image of you I was using.

Creating the collage has been a type of self-image therapy for me. The process of collaging my personal image with iconic Goddess images and images of natural phenomenon has been incredibly empowering.

I highly recommended:

The Female Orgasm Black Book

for your erotic "emergence" and WEB$EXUCATION $exonomics.

The whole patriarchal system is fueled by female SEX energy

that has been colonized, usurped and used to disempowered

primal female Being.

Watching the "baby seal" hunt/ massacre is a revelation of

what the human male "brutes" are capable of being when

they are totally devoid of the natural "maternal instinct" to

nurture and protect the "young".

I am in total agreement with you that we desperately need

the Amazonian Goddess/ Warrior Princess/ Priestess

archetype in the global world psyche to arise and balance the

power of the brute force of the alpha Male presence and essence

"as within, so without, as above, so below".

As I observe my beautiful granddaughters and realize their

total vulnerability, I feel impassioned to enlighten them about

what lies in wait for them, as it did for us.

So, I am gradually allowing them to experience more of who

I am now, not as they have been conditioned to perceive me

by my sons, their fathers.

There is a little more receptivity. Oh, to know the way to

somehow transmit mind to mind the whole vision we are seeing in some instantaneous psychic transference, woman to woman, woman to girl to Mother God. Some process, technique, method that we have not yet fully understood!

I am these days, much in prayer, meditation and Vision Questing for a new Vision for all Humanity, while simultaneously deepening my individual relationships because for six billion of us are individual expressions of the one wholeness, allness so I shift focus between the personal and the non-personal, the duality and the non-duality.

Awaiting your MUST Read List.

'What reading has most shaped your consciousness, most

recently besides your own writing that reflects your study of

the male Guru's, Dissidents, Avatars, and "heroes and villains" of the great human drama?

What are the books that the writers read as the progenitors of

their writing in the writing-reading-writing loop?

The Book entitled

The Goddess and the Alphabet postulates that literacy led to literary misogyny that was acted out in the "historicity" of the collective consciousness/ the evolution of "civilization".

Nearly every literately genre I have read has it's intrinsic

elements of the literary misogyny meme complex, from the

Grimm Brothers "fairy tales" to the "sci-fi" to the Hollywood

Screen Play texts to, all the religious texts.

Mother God has been male mythed out of existence!

And SHE is re-emerging into our existence as the

"femme fatale" of the whole male monotheism mega meme


Whew! What a struggle! What a morphogenesis!

Just to let you know I'm "feeling" you.

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