Sunday, 22 February 2009

Is Satan stronger than GOD?

Flash from Rasa Von Werder:

WTAG 3 17 08

The new object of my undivided attention is the one & only David Icke. He was called by the Infinite Being in an energetic meeting years ago in Peru. I myself have been called again & again through visions, dreams & revelations for many years & have also answered God’s dictates. Both David & I have gone out into the world again & again against the odds of ridicule & opposition, to preach the message of God (with its various perspectives) to a world in darkness, a world confused, hypnotized, hemmed in & fettered, a world that bites the hands that nourish it, does not reward a prophet but persecutes the prophet, a world that believes lies & wants to beat up on the bearer of truth, a world that is filled with immature, sheepish, frightened people who are more easily led by evil than by good!

David Icke has persisted all these years to continue, he did not recoil when everyone laughed, he moved on in a positive way. Instead of being saddened by the reaction to Truth, he searched for more & more & got it, & continued to present it to people no matter what the cost – finally reaching so many after 20 years including myself, with some hard facts like the appearance of Satan in the flesh on our planet.

How many people, I ask, have had the courage to do as David? There is a big difference between posting on the internet under a fake name, & going out there physically & facing people & press & doing it consistently – I know the cost of the physical presence, travelling, facing hardship & death threats as I was also on the road for 14 years & I also did hundreds of interviews & TV appearances as Kellie Everts, ‘The Lady Who Strips for God’ – I am also the Progenitor of female body building (big story there), heralded female supremacy of dozens of national TV shows, now the propet of Matriarchy under my present name. AND SO I KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TO DO WHAT DAVID IS DOING.

It also comes to my mind how few people are willing or able to do this sort of ‘front runner’ mission. But it also appears to me WE ARE EMPOWERED & what is impossible to others is, dare I say it, easy & natural for us.

Consider David & Goliath, why could the little sheperd boy take down the 7 foot Philistine, while all the regular soldiers shook at the thought of facing him? What was the secret of Gandhi & Martin Luther King Jr.? From whence came the power of these mighty spiritual warriors? The magic word is ANOINTING.

David Icke is ANOINTED. What does that mean? Everyone thinks they are anointed, but they can’t do what David has done. Everyone thinks they are powerful, but they can’t go out there. Everyone thinks they are equally touched by God, but why is it then that they have never done anything brave or helpful to others? Because they are not ANOINTED. God sits in them in a dormant, hybernation state, but the POWER of God is not manifested or released. Why is this? Why is David able to do what he does, but most people can’t?

What does it mean to be ‘chosen’ by God? How are we called, how are we chosen? God automatically sits in everyone, we are God, but when our consciousness remains in the flesh & we do not move forward BY FAITH then we do not activate the Presence of God. The person who moves forward, not knowing the outcome, but having a good heart & will, wanting to do good, that person TRUSTS God & then, God becomes ACTIVE & God MATERIALIZES on the earth plane, from the Infinite dimension, & God becomes flesh or manifests on earth. That is who David Icke is.

I have learned never to seek a lot of followers or partners, because most of the time, they don’t come through, they fall by the wayside, they collapse & get tired, derailed, Why is it that we of God often work alone, while the demons have strong partnership? Of the videos I have seen there is testimony again & again of men making alliances toward world government, crashing stock markets, bringing people to their knees, bankrupting them, lying to them, fementing wars, bringing chaos, starvation & suffering, all orchestrated by men sitting together with their schemes for global empires, wealth & power. These men manage to make commitments, they keep their commitments & hand them down to future generations, they stay consistent to their aims & beliefs, they are ‘grounded’ & ‘on their feet’ with the plans, & they honor their God, Satan, with incantations & cozy rituals. These men succeed because they are constant, committed, & true to their cause

I ask you my friends, why can’t we, the just & righteous, succeed in our aims? Why can’t we get together with a scheme to save the world? Why can’t we make plans together? Why are they so strong while the good remain weak?

What is wrong with the good that they can’t sit down like the wicked do, make a plan & carry it out? Will someone tell me?

What gives them strength & togetherness, while we are all scattered, alone, in isolation, with help from a spouse, one best friend or devotee here & there, but without the Anointed partners, without the Divine Fellowship, Divine Plan, without Divine Solidarity of equally strong partners? Why are the evil filled with zeal & togetherness but all work alone? Consider, could they have – any one of them succeeded working alone? There is no way, there is no way any one of them could have succeeded in bankrupting countries, bankrupting stock markets, causing destabilization, chaos, & war, working alone. What is the secret of Satan, David, ARE WE GOING TO OUTSMART HIM OR NOT?

Is Satan stronger than God? Is he a better organizer? Does he reward his followers better than God does?

I ask this of you David Icke.

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