Friday, 13 February 2009



One of the basic laws of physics is the law of entropy. That means that matter has a tendency to fall apart more and more. Therefore phycisists like the famous Hawkins believe, that the cosmos is more and more drifting apart and the time will come when every electron will be on its own, because the next electron is too far away from it.

Although entropy is a fact that can be observed everywhere, do we have to believe in such a frustrating future? Certainly not, because if we look into another science, biology, we make an interesting discovery. Here we see things happening which are completely contradicting entropy. Out of simple ingredients, the most complex molecules are being created and these complex molecules harmonically interact whith each other in highly sophisticated organisms. From the purely physical point of view entropy prevents the existence of living organisms. Still they are there, are they not, Mr. Hawkins?

Eastern wisdom speaks of a force that counteracts and balances entropy. In China it is named Chi, Hildegard of Bingen called it Viridita, the Green Force and we generally speak of the life force.

Yoga philosophy calls entropy tamas and the life force sattvas. And just like between physics and biology is chemistry, so there is between tamas and sattvas the third force or rajas. Yoga calls these three cosmic forces the three gunas. In the Madrian philosophy we speak of the threefold Moira, and everything and everyone is influenced by them.

Our personal likes and dislikes, our specific character, our individual strengths and weeknesses are for the greater part due to our specific mixture of these three gunas. Therefore the Yoga tradition and most ancient traditions know different ways of spiritual practice, to serve the diverse needs of people.

If we look at the present reemergence of the worship of the Great Goddess and the need of Matriarchy, we can see, that it happens according to the three gunas. Off course there is always a mixture of all of them, but generally one is dominating and this is obvious in the way the Goddess and Matriarchy are being searched for.

Firstly, there are those who use academic research and discussions. The World conference on Matriarchal Research is one result of their activity. They study old texts, arcaelogical findings and ethnic groups or the biological facts of feminine primacy, and are presenting fascinating facts. In Yoga this is called Gyana Yoga and is governed by Sattvas.

Then there are those, who form Goddess groups and covens, arrange meetings of Goddess people, have families and communities etc. This is called Karma Yoga and is governed by Rajas.

Last not least are those, who just want to surrender completly to the feminine principle. They are not so much interested in studies or building up something, but just want to be at the feet of a Mistress. In Yoga this is called Bhakti and it is governed by Tamas.

And there are off course all kind of mixtures. One may find herself belonging to two or all three of these categories; that is possible also.

Without going into detail on the virtues and vices of the aspects of the three ways, I want to call on all of them to respect each other and cooperate in establishing a new Matriarchy, which is what the world needs today so deeply.

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