Friday, 20 February 2009


Who Wrote the Script of Mel Gibson’s “The Passion”?


With all of the great bruja, fan-fair, and applause for the marvelous movie directed by Mel Gibson one would think that the source from which all of this came would be acknowledged. But as usual, women, no matter what they women are not important.

ANNE CATHERINE EMMERICH was born on September 8th, 1774, at Flamske, near Koesfeld, Westphalia, West Germany, and became a nun of the Augustinian Order on November 13th, 1803, in the Convent of Agnetenberg at Dulmen (also in Westphalia). She died on February 9th, 1824. Although of simple education, she had perfect consciousness of her earliest days and could understand the liturgical Latin from her first time at Mass. During most of her later years she would vomit even the simplest food or drink, subsisting for long periods, almost entirely on water and the Holy Eucharist. She was told in mystic vision that her gift of seeing past, present, and future was greater than that possessed by anyone else in history. From the year 1812 until her death she bore the stigmata of Our Lord, including a cross over her heart and wounds from the crown of thorns. An invalid confined to bed during her later years, her funeral was attended, nevertheless, by a greater concourse of mourners than any other remembered by the oldest inhabitants of Dulmen.

All that we ask is that credit be given where credit is due. The name of the book which the script of “The Passion” came from is called, “The Dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ”. Anne Catherine Emmerich presented a day by day account of the entire three year ministry of Jesus Christ through her miraculous vision. In these detailed visions she related items known nowhere else except by her miraculous mind, and yet she is far less acclaimed than the man who took her work and made it into a movie. Mel Gibson nor anyone else could have made this movie without Saint Emmerich’s script. We are grateful to Mel Gibson and his colleagues. We are joyful that this movie was made, maybe even ecstatic. She has been mentioned but briefly as the progenitor of these visions.

We have read all of her books starting in the year 1977. There are about eight of her books in our possession, all of which have been read and most of them contain thousands of her accurate visions. We would compare her to only one other mystic, and that would be Mary of Agreda of Spain. These two women (in our opinion) were the two greatest mystical visionaries of all time, neither one was canonized by the Catholic Church. And so, Mary of Agreda will be our Church’s second canonized Saint and we will speak of her on a separate page.

Glory be to Anne Catherine Emmerich and her love of Jesus Christ and Mary. You may obtain her books from Tan Books & Publishers, Rockford, Illinois 61105. You may obtain Saint Mary of Agreda’s book – one of the greatest books ever written- “The Mystical City of God” from Ave Maria Institute, Washington, New Jersey 07882.



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