Sunday, 22 February 2009


For quite a long time, JodyR defined
GR! He was one of the most active and
persistent poster and moreover, his
tone and message was very consistent.
Another way of saying the same thing
would be that his message was pretty
much always the same and as a result...
predictable! He was very well liked
here by many, including Sarlo and he
was one of the most Dominant "taste" of

Jody was the taste that you didn't get
anywhere else, and, a taste that you
Always got when you visited GR.

Jody really believed that he was doing
a great service by exposing the falsity
and humanity of gurus and he acted that
belief with great conviction. He
represented a very strong viewpoint and
he represented it adamantly at every
opportunity he had! To do, and to post
anything else on GR, you had to get
past him, first, which was often a very
difficult task!

Jody held great power because of his
highly readable presentation, his
sticking with the message which is
already quite popular and well-accepted
in the nondual circles and because of
appearing "human" and openly and
repeatedly admitting to be fallible and
of making mistakes. His power was also
boosted by his close proximity to
Bruce, great respect that Sarlo had for
him and the close relationships that he
had with many other well-respected
people on the list.

He believed in the power of "group"
and stayed extremely loyal to the
'virtual group' that he thought, he
belonged to. He almost never betrayed,
opposed, challenged or questioned
anyone in the "group", unless, someone
from the group questioned him first.
[His faith in this group loyalty was
somewhat shaken and then broken during
Rasa affair and he found himself
somewhat shaken by that! Later, when he
thought Sarlo too turned against him,
he found it was all too much for him!]

I got into many arguments with him,
and, I didn't agree with his methods,
but, I can't deny that he was the one
defining character of GR, kind of
'identification' of GR. GR really
"changed" and lost its most 'defining'
feature and 'flavor' after Jody left,
because, then, for the most parts, it
became like just another group.

PS: I think Jody is doing much better
with his group and blog now, which
gather is quite popular. I think he is
much happier now, and, perhaps, has a
far more balanced life, because,
doesn't need to spend so much time and
energy arguing/fighting/debating. My
views are often very different than his
and I see no place of 'group
allegiance' on spiritual groups, but, I
can't deny that Jody R had Very Strong
presence on GR and defined it for the
most part!

I personally don't miss JodyR here,
but, I guess, that is what most
members might really feel when they
say... they miss "old" GR. Because,
all else was variable, everybody else
came and went... but, Jody was a Constant



Arvind, thank you for a well-done post!

I have been thinking of Jody and 'those days'
before and during the 'Rasa affair'.

It is good to be reminded. Asilia's recent letter
spoke to that period, also.

It has been my assertion that the departure
of 'Bobby M' was the beginning of an unfortunate
trend. But there is no doubt that the firestorm
ignited by JodyR, by his insane treatment of Rasa,
was indeed a major turning point for GR.

I believe that all of the relevant messages are still
in the archives, if anyone wants to dredge up
ancient history.

Your points are all true and well-taken, Arvind.


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