Tuesday, 3 November 2009


The statistics are here!

Mark hopkins is back! & with good stuff! (see end letter I sent Carlos today, no its not a contradiction, i do not hate men, i hate what they do...the future is women, & women will take care of men the way men take care of women now, but obviously they will choose the sweet nice ones, not the creeps...carlos is sweet, nice, tender, he has a super good heart, but he's on the wrong path & i want to help)

hey mark

this is incredible

anything of this sort i will put into the new newsletters as well as the new book, so keep it coming if you find it

it is truly informative stuff for matriarchy

He speaks of his site, “Fall of Mankind,” which is now off the web, from Mark Hopkins (a genius who also happens to be a “12” hottie):

It will be back on a much more serious tone. The issue will not die.

There are more women employed than men in the US, as of now. But there are more working age men than women in the US and in every other population on Earth. Since HR is mostly run by women now -- and HR is the gatekeepers for job entry -- that lopsidedness will become even more lopsided. Men are being locked out from the bottom.

That's the Glass Floor.

The distribution of power, wealth and control is going to get very lopsided even more so than when it was a man's world.

About 10% of men in the US are in jail, many on non-violent offenses or crimes that were not considered crimes a generation or two ago. If states run out of money, prisoners will be required to pay for their stay in jail. That's forced labor.

That's a slave class formed of men.

On the other side of the equation: most people coming out of college in public administration are women. If jail wardens also tip toward female majority, then the institutions holding the population of male slaves will be run by women.

In other words, you are slowly seeing the pieces being put into place of the transformation of the male population into a slave class, subordinate to women and at a lower standing.

These are also the seeds of violent backlash and revolution by a large and growing number of disaffected and displaced males against what this society is becoming.

And, if so, it will be a just cause.



neo said...

Femdom is a tool of feminism to enslave men and make them weak and submissive.The funny thing is those who do femdom many a times revert back to other extreme-maledom.It does’nt take much intelligence to understand that this BDSM is only a sexual perversion designed to cause physical and mental trauma to people engaged in it and thus cause degeneration of society.Masonic(freemasons) writers for the last 200 years have written feminist and femdom sexual utopia in protestant countries under the secret guidance of catholic Jesuit preists.They promoted feminism and these sexual perversions only to destroy your protestant nations.Freemasonry is a secret society developed by Jesuits to enslave men and women of protestant countries through feminism and femdom and thus destroy protestantism secretly,results of which you can clearly see in mainline protestantism today.That is why you see masonic lodges only in predominantly protestant areas,never in catholic areas. I belive god will bless you to see the truth that feminism and femdom are only lies initiated by catholics through their secret jesuit -freemason axis to destroy protestantism-true religion of god.

Fairy network work from home - Butterfly Lullaby said...

Brilliant blog! Good to see another strong women not brainwashed by some men. We are made to feel we should just put up and shut up and that is not only by some men but women too.
I for one do not want my child growing up with all this rubbish. She deserves to be treated with respect and to know wrong from right.


M123 said...

lol, so tha sayin we men will at some point be kneelin before our female mistresses/rulers/controllers/owners?

ha i can just imagine a women goin "bow down to me, slave!"

if thats whats goin to appen then fine ill go along with it, tha gorra take t'rough wi' t'smooth i guess!

Matt. Bov said...

I don't think men should be slaves or women we just need a stronger military. So someone should go to jail for a longer period of time than usual to stop the violence and crimes. And all you women out there if you really want your man to be your slave then that proves you don't truly love him.

Matt. Bov said...

I don't think men should be slaves or women we just need a stronger military. So someone should go to jail for a longer period of time than usual to stop the violence and crimes. And all you women out there if you really want your man to be your slave then that proves you don't truly love him.

Bill Stegall said...

The sounder the better. I have been asking myself why the same churches that so vociferously oppose abortion rights (and weirdly, birth control) have such a lukewarm response to expanding Medicaid? They are not carrying picket signs about that issue! Why would they care more for the unborn than the people out of the womb? It is obvious to me that many of the men who might have moral qualms about abortion are also there because subconsciously they fear sexually powerful women who are liberated from the control of men and the church. The idea emasculates them. They sense that such women will create a more equitable world with a higher minimum wage, better childcare, and real protection for the environment. Conservative men instinctively and correctly see free independent women as a threat to their sexual, political, and economic power. Hmmmm, I may be a man, but I’m joining the revolution!

LIMPdick said...

All hail to the mighty clitoris! ALL HAIL!

Juliette Bravo said...

We males need to remember and recognize the WOMEN have decisively "WON THE GENDER WAR" and there is a unwritten rule of war that says "to the victor goes the spoils" in other words, those who win take whatever the loser has and controls it !! males have lost the gender war, so Females have the right to do as they please with the "losers" aka males. Do you ever wonder why women have begun taunting males as "LOSERS" and signaling with their hand a "L" symbol for males ? This is the main reason I advocate Radical Feminism and Female Supremacy. Women have won the gender, so why do they have to continue fighting for their "spoils of war" this has only made the Women angrier at males to the point where Females, now consider males as "non essential" and the "disposable gender" We males must do anything it takes to please our Female conquerors so maybe they will have mercy on the male gender, when Women finally are the ruling majority in social, economic and political world issues. Enslavement of the male is a much more viable solution, than being designated as non-essential or disposable.

Tomas Mnet said...


In prehistoric times existed matriarchy. Very hard and sadistic matriarchy:
Then, the pendulum swung the other way.

Today is probably balanced account. And coming new age for people. And I hope - not again matriarchy.