Tuesday, 14 April 2009


Who do u like better, Marvel or Marcel? When Marcel ousted me Marvel
entered my heart - Marvel has well developed intellect/spiritual capacities,
is working on his Doctoral thesis now - Marcel started teaching me boxing,
I've mastered the One/Two punch..., big cut age wise, Marcel being 25 vs
Marvel 42...wholly different world sharing ideas & thoughts, Marvel soaring
with the eagles but Marcel is insightful about people's behavior to the
point of being psychic

How quickly fate changes the cards. Marcel, the boy of day before yesterday's
newsletter (the 25 yr old hard bodied boxer from the Bronx), has thrown me
to the curb. He said he would be here Friday, then postponed it to
Saturday, then did not call at all.

I sense he will be back, on his knees, within a month, but I must move on.
This very day the Inner Voice of God told me "your heart will be full."
Nothing happened at the club except wonderful dancing with a James Brown
type partner. (He was only one of two guys that could ever keep up with me,
& did so for 1.5 hours, us doing a lot of sexy steps & making out - he
almost bit my tongue off at one point & I still have his teeth marks on my
breast, but it was fun...I did not go to bed with him as he did not meet my

Here is the good news & the fulfillment of the prophecy: I re-connected
with another man who I had tried to win- THIS TIME I WON HIM.

Now if you compare these two men I have lost nothing and perhaps gained a
lot, because the newly won man has dimensions Marcel misses: He understands
the Feminine Divine & therefore appreciates what I stand for - (He was
raised by six over sixty Crones, in their Coven. He is working toward his
Doctorate in Neurophysiology,

Is a lecturer/teacher, 42 years old, 5'11" (Marcel was 5'9", I like them
taller) and get this:


Let's call him "Marvel."

Here's his writing:

A little about me...

What are you looking for in a partner?

I'm not asking for you to be perfect.

What would be nice is if:

You were open to the company of strangers

You were serious and sensual, fearless and forgiving.

You were unjaded by the apparent indignity of internet relational craziness

You wanted to hear and be heard

You had some amazing incite into human nature that you were burning to share

You had an appreciation for good diner food

You could put both Prada and Second-Hand in their proper places

You spent as much time cultivating your inner self as you did carefully
arranging your outsides

You were wild about books, and music, and great stories

You were up for adventure

You were possessed a quiet patience, laughed easily and always got the joke

You were comfortable in your own skin and accepting of others in their's

You had a love of words, but knew their limitations

You had impeccable timing

You were a worker of small modest miracles

You had confidence and humility in equal measure

You could make due with just three wishes

You channeled the divine

You were desiring to explore the possibilities.


He & I both read each other's dating profiles, & both decided IT WAS THE
BEST PROFILE WE'D EVER READ (Marvel and I will meet next week - He's
willing to pay my expenses if I go there, but I invited him here, will have
a report for you soon. Once again NICE when the guy pays - I paid it all
for the last two boyfriends.)

Here is MY profile on the dating service:

A little about me...

The door to friendship is now closed 4 me on this site & the 1 to romance &
fun now opens-Do not write me unless ur a "10" or "12"-perfect face, body &
sensuous NO EXTRA POUNDS NOT EVEN 1 OUNCE I HATE FAT No more talk-5-6 hrs a
day talk gets old-time 4 action-If ur a prude, hung up on a menacing DadGod
Yaweh Jehovah or whatever ManSpook God that makes people cringe, feel guilt
& shame, & if ur looking 4 marriage, monogamy it's not here-Touch my fun
spot-U must b willing to travel or bring me 2 U-This is it I will not answer
anything else-All annoying-confrontat ional "know it all" men will be blocked
instantly-NO QUESTIONS-Just yes or no

What are you looking for in a partner?

There was once a Mother God on earth who handled all things peaceably & men
were Her footstool, they obeyed Her commands & we had harmony & order-With
the onset of Male Control/War the world turned into dog-eat-dog insanity-Now
we r returning to the Rule of Mother God where women r Her & I am Her-here
to announce Her coming to Earth-& She chooses Her men by sensuality 4 fun &
pleasure & the good they give to all of us-The "ManGod" who is not God but
the devil replaced touching with violence/war & drugs-where many young men
now prefer substances to God's sensual touch, God's caress, God's
flirtation, God's play, God's Sacred Kiss-But the GOODNESS OF SENSUALITY &
the SACREDNESS OF IT is now on the rise, I'm here to herald that event

I'd just like to add...

Goddess Diana stands in the forest silently A beautiful stag-fulfilling his
instincts-emerges- enters the light of a clearing over the valley He
glistens-muscles twitch with anticipation of conflict & reward-as he'll
fight others for a harem-protect & breed them He's ready Diana's also
ready-& removes a special arrow from her quiver-aims it at the beauty, &
just as She releases it-he notices that he's a target-too late to run He
feels a warm glow-not hurt- a compulsion to go to this huntress-the need to
kneel into the waiting moss where She reclined-& put his head into her lap
She strokes him-noticing the powerful antlers covered with softest velvet
The antlers are a sign of his manhood which She loves He's not used to being
docile-but her power overwhelms him & he submits-filling an earthly need
they both have Diana is from Heaven-but she inhabits a body which only he
can satisfy-& in their intercourse he receives more than he gives-for when
he gets up from the tryst-he is charged with extra energy-he'll conquer the
valley & become its King-Diana has transmitted the shakti to him-the power
of the Feminine Divine-a supernatural charge that will expand him beyond his
body-& now-he can face anything.

```````````` ````````` ````````` ````````` ````````` ````````

What transpired between Marvel and Myself:

When I first encountered him I saw the great spiritual potential & tried to
win him as my disciple, pushing him closer to the Feminine Divine. He liked
me as a woman but the spiritual stuff scared him off.

I figured IN TIME I would get back to him, try a new approach - this I did -
just normal man, woman stuff - it worked.

What curtailed our relationship prior to this is we both had our
hearts/minds on someone else - He with his lady, me with Marcel. I did
notice that as long as I had my mind/heart on Marcel, it was not really open
to others; certainly not relationships & even one-night stands seemed
difficult to negotiate. But new we were both free & open for each other.

```````````` ````````` ````````` ````````` ````````` ````


A little about me...

Well I'm a personal trainer from New York. I'm a old school kind of guy. I
love classic RnB and 80s music. Well I like all kinds of music really. I
love scented candles and taking care of myself. I haven't been in a
long-term relationship in over a year and I really miss it. I'm kind of
tired of the bar and club scene. I really would would love 2 find that
special someone. I'm looking for that total connection. My last partner was
44 years old, and from another country (Canada) I'm looking for someone that
knows what she wants, because I know what I want. I prefer someone without
kids like myself. Good credit like myself, and no drama. I'm not here for
the bootycall thing. I have been there done that, and it's getting old. I'm
looking for something real.

What are you looking for in a partner?

I like my women grown n sexy (30 and over) I don't date young women. I don't
have time for the games they play. I love smart older women.:

```````````` ````````` ````````` ````````` ````````` ````````` ```


I HAVE NO IDEA~ All seemed perfect while we were together. We were both
kind, respectful toward one another, tender, the sex was superb.

It was he who INSISTED on another meeting within a week - I felt it was too
soon, but then again, if he WANTED ME THAT MUCH, let's do it. But he was
giving me a mixed message: "I want you, I don't want you", for a
week...Count it as IMMATURITY.

But in view of this new guy MARVEL - it's for the best...Perhaps Marcel and
I gave each other what was needed, and that is it, time to move on. At
bottom, I think he and I should remain FRIENDS as we had incredible phone
conversations where he helped me understand black men from the ghetto (I
mean he really helped tremendously) and beyond that, I think we should see
each other once in a while for skin to skin contact...I think the
exclusivity of it, where it seemed to be going, was wrong. It has to be
CASUAL. Yes, that is it. It has to be once in a while contact, not "going

Another factor is that HE IS looking for a steady relationship, but does not
believe it could be with me, having seen the hundreds of pics of males on my
pc (yes he got jealous, he said he's not, but he is) and perhaps he feels I
could never be faithful.

So which is it?

He wants to keep being a player, with other women, and does not want to go
steady? Or he wants to go steady but does not think I can do it?

The truth is, I could only "go steady" with him for a few weeks, then I'd
get stir crazy. I think he arranged the quick next meeting in order to
prevent me from going out with other men. But then again, he missed the
meeting, de facto breaking up with me, not even calling to make an excuse.

Can any of you figure this one out?

It was like he wanted to keep me, but the relationship being too close
scared him. Maybe he's confused - he's sure confused me.

```````````` ````````` ````````` ````````` ````````` ``


From: Best West

To: Rasa Von Werder

Sent: Sunday, April 05, 2009 3:25 PM

Subject: Re: Re: "OLD WOMAN - YOUNG MAN" PROJECT PROCEEDING - Have met young
male to work with on THE BOOK

From my 18 year old devotee Best West:

Last night did not go as well as expected. I could not find anyone
comparable to you, you beauty, your wisdom. I cannot believe any male in the
enitre world would dare give you stress. You are the most appealing woman I
have ever seen... I am located in Baltimore, Maryland. My # is XXXXX, give
me a call sometime and we can talk about anything.

Always Yours - West

```````````` ````````` ````````` ````````` ````````

Dear Rasa ... The MotherGod

I think that Faith leads me to your site ...
my story ...just before i get to know here, i was trouble, which includes
hate in self, hate in others, i was lonely for Christmas and new year, and
thought of suicide!
But things changed about two months ago, as i quit my job, i had more time
for myself to rethink life, i know there's problem in my life, i was
learning everyday and with much faith i was actually started going upwards,
but still in depression as i can't see any much change, but about one week
later, i learned from the holy bible, ( i didn't had this
much interest in bible as before, because now i learned and feared that
suicides is destined for hell, and i also learned about pride as a sin which
helped me later ) then few days later, i was applying good deeds, and then
yesterday night, in my bed, i can't sleep, i was thinking about my younger
regretful days, i regretted and sad, i suddenly realized the illusion which
actually cost me self-bondage my whole life, i used to resist my thoughts on
female domination, i thought it was a sin and cruelty to one another, but i
do not think that now, because then i realized that it was self-ego and
Pride that is the real sin and there's nothing wrong with female worshiping
but it's actually a blessing for my soul to desire this! because i had a
self vision of men were Satan and woman were God. which was True! and for me
to be in a place of the worshiper, i was also cultivating my soul at the
same time, and it's not even hard! the next thing i do, i went to my
computer looking for more, and i was at your page, that i saw very similar
of what i just learned! Female Domination and God! ... and everything comes
together ...Just to let you know, if you accept me as your devotee, I will
staydevoted as long as you wish! i learn to be zero ego and pride, and I'm
ready to take all training If i got any wrong in my life please guide me,
please let me worship you!




Anonymous said...

Femdom is a tool of feminism to enslave men and make them weak and submissive.The funny thing is those who do femdom many a times revert back to other extreme-maledom.It does’nt take much intelligence to understand that this BDSM is only a sexual perversion designed to cause physical and mental trauma to people engaged in it and thus cause degeneration of society.Masonic(freemasons) writers for the last 200 years have written feminist and femdom sexual utopia in protestant countries under the secret guidance of catholic Jesuit preists.They promoted feminism and these sexual perversions only to destroy your protestant nations.Freemasonry is a secret society developed by Jesuits to enslave men and women of protestant countries through feminism and femdom and thus destroy protestantism secretly,results of which you can clearly see in mainline protestantism today.That is why you see masonic lodges only in predominantly protestant areas,never in catholic areas. I belive god will bless you to see the truth that feminism and femdom are only lies initiated by catholics through their secret jesuit -freemason axis to destroy protestantism-true religion of god.

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